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17 Mar

New from Milena Petkova et al this week in the Journal of Clinical Investigation:

The lymphatic vascular system is gaining recognition for its multifaceted role and broad pathological significance.
Once perceived as a mere conduit for interstitial fluid and immune cell transport, recent research has unveiled its active involvement in critical physiological processes and common diseases, including inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and atherosclerosis. Consequently, abnormal development or functionality of lymphatic vessels can result in serious health complications.
Here, we discuss lymphatic malformations (LMs), which are localized lesions that manifest as fluid-filled cysts or extensive infiltrative lymphatic vessel overgrowth, often associated with debilitating, even life-threatening, consequences.

Genetic causes of LMs have been uncovered, and several promising drug-based therapies are currently under investigation and will be discussed.

See below:

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