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Where is SARS-CoV2 in November 2023?

In this informative and visually engaging video, we embark on a journey through the maze of COVID-19 research. 

Explore the origins, transmission, and the relentless quest for effective treatments and vaccines. We unravel the science behind masks, social distancing, and the significance of vaccination campaigns. Our experts share insights on variants, immunity, and the global impact of the pandemic. From lab discoveries to public health strategies, this video offers a comprehensive overview of the battle against COVID-19. Join us as we navigate the complex web of science and innovation that's reshaping the world in the face of this unprecedented challenge.

Science is the relentless pursuit of knowledge, a universal language that empowers us to understand the natural world and unravel its mysteries. It's a journey of curiosity, observation, experimentation, and discovery. From the cosmos to the microscopic realm, science explores the depths of the universe and the intricacies of life. It fuels innovation, transforms societies, and addresses pressing global challenges. Science unites us through its principles of skepticism, evidence, and peer review, fostering a collective quest for truth. It inspires wonder and ignites the imagination, driving us to explore the unknown and make informed decisions that shape our future. Welcome to the realm of science, where curiosity knows no bounds 

In 4 Steps

Immunology in 1,2,3 Steps - Biochem123 

Data Science for Students - Biochem123 

Chemistry for 17+ Students - Biochem123 

Biology for 17 +Students - Biochem123 

For Peer Reviewed Further Details of Immunology to VIral Pathogens

Vaccines | Free Full-Text | An Immunological Review of SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Vaccine Serology: Innate and Adaptive Responses to mRNA, Adenovirus, Inactivated and Protein Subunit Vaccines (mdpi.com) 

Vaccines | Free Full-Text | Innate and Adaptive Immunity during SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Biomolecular Cellular Markers and Mechanisms (mdpi.com) 

Immuno | Free Full-Text | Immunopathogenesis of Nipah Virus Infection and Associated Immune Responses (mdpi.com) 

Insights into Ebola Virus Immunology over 35 years


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