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Immunotherapy Courses

Definition of Advanced Therapy and medicinal products: ATMPs (EMA) vs Cellular and Gene Therapy products: CGT (FDA)
-Regulation of ATMPs: Why? regulation in EMA, FDA regions.
-EU regulatory framework for ATMP-specific legislation. EMA composition, activities related to ATMPs
-ATMPs Classification. EMA and FDA
-PRIME: priority medicines
-Regulation 1394/2007 on ATMPs : Rprovides the overall framework on ATMPs. The Regulation established the Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT) as a multidisciplinary committee, whose primary responsibility is to assess the quality, safety and efficacy of ATMPs, and to follow scientific developments in the field 

ATMPs 1 -

ATMPs 2 -Oligonucleotides drugs
-Gene therapy medicinal product
-Somatic cell therapy medicinal product
-Tissue-engineered product
-Combined advanced therapy medicinal product
-Advanced therapy classification: EMA website/ ATMPs examples 

ATMPs 3 -Rare diseases and orphan designation
-Pediatric Medicines
-Challenges in ATMPs development
-Marketing authorisation procedures for ATMPs
-Pharmacovigilance for ATMPs
-Successes and failures of ATMPs
-Current landscape of ATMPs clinical development: Developing Novel Platforms to Advance the Delivery of ATMPs to Patients
-What are medical Devices. Differences between ATMPs and Medicinal Drugs. Legislation. Classification 

CAR cells therapies This section will try to provide students with basic knowledge in CAR cells therapies. -T cell activation. T cell receptor (TCR). Role in cancer cytotoxicity
-CAR-T cells
-Cancer stem cells and CAR-T cells
-CAR cells beyond T-cells: CAR-M,DC,Treg cells
-Current challenges and limitations of T-CAR therapies
-CAR cells beyond cancer

MUSE cells:

A new therapeutic approach for regenerative medicine
This section will try to provide students with basic knowledge in regenerative medicine and Multilineage-differentiating stress-enduring cells: MUSE cells a new therapeutic approach -Regenerative Medicine
-Stem cells
-Mesenchymal stem cell therapy
-Multilineage-differentiating stress-enduring cells: MUSE cells: definition, characteristics, functions, preclinical and clinical studies, comparison with other stem cells

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