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NCBI Protein Coding Database


Visualising Protein Coding - Click Here for rcsb

A glimpe at the coding sequences of many types of viruses above. 

Knowing the 3D structure of a biological macromolecule is essential for understanding its role in human and animal health and disease, its function in plants and food and energy production, and its importance to other topics related to global prosperity and sustainability.

RCSB PDB (Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics PDB) operates the US data center for the global PDB archive, and makes PDB data available at no charge to all data consumers without limitations on usage (Policies)

The Vision of the RCSB PDB is to enable open access to the accumulating knowledge of 3D structure, function, and evolution of biological macromolecules, expanding the frontiers of fundamental biology, biomedicine, and biotechnology.

Crystal Structure of COVID-19 virus spike receptor-binding domain complexed with a neutralizing antibody CT-P59