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Evolution of COVID Vaccines

Each of the links below details the scientific rationale of each currently licensed vaccine depending on regulatory organisations like the FDA in the US and MHRA in UK which stand for food and development agency / medicine health regulatory agency

Each of the enclosed research papers details adverse effects along-side investigating length and breadth of the immune response

Oxford AZD1222 / Astra - A Recombinant Vector Vaccine

June 2020 Phase 1 / 2 Safety and Efficacy AZD1222

June 2020 to September 2020 Phase 3 Clinical Trials AZD1222

Pfizer - mRNA Vaccine

December 2020 Phase 3 Clinical Trials

Novavax - A Protein Vaccine

 June 2021 Phase 3 Clinical Trials NVX-COV2372....

Sputnik - Recombinant Vector Vaccine

February 2021 - Phase 3 Interim

Vaccine Comparisons as of April 2021