Brent explained things in a way which was simple & easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a Science educator. Daughter improved with Chemistry and Biology. Amazing progress in 3 months in March 2020 NW London 

Jackie Piccinici
Jackie PicciniciBusiness Manager - Merrill Lynch

 My son was taught triple Science in 24 hours whilst I was away at work with observations on likely exam progress at the same-time. Each subject was accompanied by essays Mark Watford 

MarkIT Programmer

 We needed a little extra help. Our son was struggling a little with alkanes and alkenes on the Edexcel Separate Science syllabus at UC School in Hampstead. Brent came well prepared with structured notes. Lovely to meet Brent. 

Bittu Kaushal
Bittu KaushalDirector