02 Aug

RAPS Clinical Trial Resources by phase 

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Service - Link enclosed is an update of current stages of pre-clinical and clinical development of all COVID therapeutics prior to approval. 

Clinical Trials ifor COVID in progress around the world

Very similar to RAPS but has current summation and links to all therapeutics in development. 


Phase I of a clinical trial, investigators spend several months looking at the effects of the medication on about 20 to 80 people who have no underlying health conditions.

This phase aims to figure out the highest dose humans can take without any serious adverse effects. Investigators monitor participants very closely to see how their bodies react to the medication during this phase.

Preclinical research usually provides some general information about dosing, the effects of a medication on the human body can be unpredictable.

In addition to evaluating safety and ideal dosage, investigators also look at the best way to administer the drug, such as orally, intravenously, intramuscular or topically (skin).

According to the FDA 70% of phase1 trials progress to phase 2

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