Serological COVID testing

Some of the currently available CE accredited serological tests for  COVID

A Short Video on the laboratory technique in development for these tests

1. Roche diagnostic tests. These are currrently on of the few diagnostic test commerically available for prior infection antibody / vaccine antibody checks. CE accredited - Check for antibody status on Ig G and Ig M the 2 key antibodies to COVID spike and nucleocapsid proteins

Available from Testing for all website. 

2. Public Health England initial evaluation of commercial COVID antibody tests

PHE screened serological testing in July 2020, some of which are being used commercially as all have to be validated, screened and accredited. Some are accredited with the "CE" mark which confirms approval. 

PHE Evaluation of COVID blood tests

3. T Cell COVID Testing 

T Cell Blood Tests for COVID

4.Manufacturers details (Oxford Immunotec)


A Summary of the Laboratory Technique used in these presented

by me. Also called an ELISA which is a measure scientists measure 

levels of antibodies and T cells in blood samples.